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Power Pro V2 Charger

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  • Solar Recharge

    The solar portable charger not only can be recharge through sunlight but also can be with 5V/2.0A USB wall plug.

  • Dual-LED Flashlight

    LED flashlights allow for the perfect night time guide whenever you need it most. This is a tool that simply always comes in handy.

  • Built-in Compass

    Navigate your path without having to constantly check your phone. Designed to be quick and easy for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

  • Water Proof & Durable

    Smartphones are water resistant so why isn't your portable charger? Never worry about your devices getting wet again.

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Perfect for On-The-Go

Clip your Power Flex Pro to your backpack to get an extra charge while you're on the move. This will also help free up some space inside your bag.

The Power Flex Pro Line Up

For the on-the-go Lifestyle

127 reviews

  • Water Resistant + durable for on-the-go use

  • Perfect to store your devices & accessories

  • Light, compact, portable design

The Swiss Army Knife of

Portable Chargers

3099+ reviews



  • 1x Gem Study

  • 1x Gem Decor

  • 1x Free Tote Bag

Our Original Power Flex Pro Series

276 reviews

  • 1x Storage Box

  • 1x Desk Lamp

  • 1x Wall Shelf

A little about us...

We have created one of the best portable chargers on the market, using leading, solar technology!

Inspired by our love for the outdoors and outdoor activities, we have produced a product that is virtually indestructible, slight exaggeration but you get what we're saying!

It's waterproof, rugged, uses solar energy, it has the ability to charge two phones at the same time, it's a flashlight, it's what we call the Swiss Army Knife of Smartphone Chargers.

It's perfect for people who live an active lifestyle, so whether you're a hiker or mountain biker, or love to kayak, this is definitely the one thing you need but didn't know you needed, until now!

3,000+ satisfied customers and counting

People are Talkin' about Power Flex Pro

Commonly asked


How long does a single charge last?

The Power Flex Pro should last up to 8 to 10 hours +, after a full charge. The timing is defined with this range due to the fact that different devices are subject to unique charging times. Not all devices require the same amount of charge so this is simply dependent on what is being charged.

Does the Power Flex Pro charge both Apple and Samsung devices?

Yes! Anything that has USB capability is able to be charged. Video game controllers, pocket projectors, smartphones, etc - you name it, it can be charged!

What is the best way to charge Power Flex Pro?

The recommended source of charging is through the charging cable. This method provides the most efficient and quickest way to charge the Power Flex Pro.

What about solar energy?

While solar energy is an excellent way to charge the device, due to the compact solar panel size it charges slower than that of the cable. Charging in the sun provides that extra boost for whenever you are without access to traditional charging methods and is extremely beneficial when outside. Be sure that the Power Flex Pro has some power before you charge it in the sun.

Does the device overheat?

No, the Power Flex Pro is built to withstand the hottest temperatures all while maintaining a high level of performance.

Is there any potential harm for my device?

No, the Power Flex Pro is designed to be the most optimal charging device on the market. Once the saturation point is reached the system automatically turns off, thus avoiding any potential overloading problems.

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